Hector arrives.

Cliff opened the front door. He thought he heard Yvette talking. She stood there leaning into a closet. Yvette quickly closed the closet door and gave Cliff a big smile. “Hello darling. Had a busy day? Do I get a kiss?” "What are you hiding in there?” “What do you mean?” “What is that in … Doorgaan met het lezen van Hector arrives.

Tanto meets the police.

The man sighed; "In God's name, cuff me." Yvette cuffed his hands and went behind him. She crouched down and cuffed his ankles. "Are those meant for preventing me to run?" "Yep!" The only American words Yvette ever used were "Yep" and "Gotcha". As Yvette stood upright she said;" Stop staring at Tanto's eyes. Gorilla's … Doorgaan met het lezen van Tanto meets the police.